Good Samaritan helps Louisville woman recover her car after it was stolen from auto shop

A Louisville woman gets her car and the belongings inside stolen from an auto shop, and then finds her car and her belongings all within 24 hours thanks to a Go
Published: Mar. 29, 2023 at 7:20 PM EDT
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - From heart-break to euphoria.

A Louisville woman gets her car stolen after dropping it off at an auto shop after hours.

However, this story has a happy ending thanks to a Good Samaritan. In less than 24 hours later she was on her way to get her car back.

Keely Cohen felt every emotion possible after having her car stolen last week with the thieves, apparently after the parts.

Thanks to a New Albany man, some detective work and a business card, getting her car back has become more plausible than ever.

“I will never drop my car off to him again without placing the key in his hand,” Cohen said.

Cohen was speechless when she got a phone call from her mechanic friend Friday morning, hours after she dropped it off overnight at his shop.

“He was like Keely, someone broke into the drop box with a crow bar and he sent me a picture of the drop box and it was ripped open,” Cohen said. “In the corner you could see the lock had been jimmied and they ripped open and stolen two cars out the drop box.”

She left work and headed to the auto shop to file a police report.

A few hours later she gets home and receives a call from a Floyd County number. She answered it thinking it was the police again but it was a New Albany man saying he may have her car.

“And he said do you drive a silver Volvo and I said I do but it was stolen yesterday. And he gasped and said I have it,” Cohen said. “And he said I don’t mean to snoop but it’s raining and they left the windows down and it looks like it’s been abandoned and so I put my hand in the car and I found this business card that said Fenwick Animal Hospital.”

The man, who’s last name so happened to be Fenwick, called the animal hospital who connected him to Cohen.

Cohen made her way to the car at the Floyd County Conservation Club to see all of her belongings were gone.

As she was waiting for a tow truck she gets another call from police saying her mechanic found all her items in the other stolen car.

“It’s like a transition type thing because you go through all of those emotions, you get angry, you get sad, you get frustrated, you’re ready to fight and you have to just even out, you know,” Cohen said. “And know everything is going to make it’s way to where it’s okay.”

Cohen said she is a single mom, works three jobs, and tries to do everything right to live the life she wants and take care of her kids.

So it is frustrating for her to have her car stolen from an auto shop not once, but twice in her life.

“I struggle to feel bad about it because I know the other lady is in a worse position than I am, but it is very frustrating you know because I have a kid who plays competitive soccer and we’re out of town every other weekend,” Cohen said. “So now I have to rent a car to take him this weekend and you know it’s just frustrating.”

While it’s tough to be without her car now, knowing there are still kind people in the world like Mr. Fenwick, gives her hope.

“He’s that little silver lining in the clouds on that rainy day and it was a rainy day for me,” Cohen said. “And I hugged him when I got there just for his kindness because he was just such a kind man.”

Cohen said she’s going to personally deliver a gift to Mr. Fenwick for his kindness.

In terms of her car, she said the thieves tried to steal her catalytic converter and battery but were unsuccessful. The only thing she wasn’t able to get back were some soccer chairs.

It is currently impounded in Floyd County as she awaits an assessment from her insurance.