KSU’s Mighty Marching Thorobreds participate in the National Battle of the Bands

KSU's Mighty Marching Thorobreds participated in the National Battle of the Bands competition airing on WAVE on Sunday at 1.
Published: Feb. 17, 2023 at 7:53 PM EST
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - On Sunday Feb. 19, NBS will air the filming of the National Battle of the Bands Competition.

It will showcase eight HBCU Bands vying for bragging rights around the country.

One of those bands is Kentucky State University’s very own Mighty Marching Thorobreds.

When it comes to HBCU’s, the National Battle of the Bands competition is one of the biggest showcases there is and for the Might Marching Thorobreds of KSU, it means even more considering they were the only Division 2 band participating.

It’s a huge accomplishment for a band just looking to show they belong as one of the best bands in the country.

The Marching Thorobreds are no strangers to big time performances.

They’ve played at several showcases, classics and even Mardi Gras on a few occasions.

However, to get the call to compete at the National Battle of the Bands in Houston, was something more.

“That was major,” KSU’s Director of Bands Alvin Level said. “That phone call to get the National Battle of the Bands where everybody in the country is looking at this particular event on this particular day. It’s the seasons very first event.”

“I think for me and for some of the students it was actually like participating in the BET Awards or something like the Grammy’s,” KSU Auxiliary Band Director Churi Level said. “In the marching band world that was big to be invited to such a big platform.”

The opportunity gave students like Senior Jalen Davis Thompson the chance of a lifetime to compete in band at one of the highest levels.

“Aw man I was so hype,” Thompson said. “I was so hype because if you think about it, college band is the next level. Like there is nothing really after that so we are at the top already. So to get invited to the National Battle of the Bands that’s like the Super Bowl almost.”

For the Mighty Marching Thorobreds to be included in one of the most prestigious competitions in the country shows the powerhouse program this team has put together.

“These guys brought in a culture that just supersedes all cultures I mean from the uniforms to the routines, to the shows, to the arrangements, this was the perfect team,” Assistant Band Director Robert Griffin said.

The showcase not only provides exposure for the program but much needed funds to continue to make grow and improve as they won a $23,000 check for equipment and scholarships.

“I just think it will put even more shine on us than we already have. You know to get our name out there,” Thompson said. “We really don’t have a media team throughout the season to get us out there but I feel like this right here will really get our name out there and really get people looking at Kentucky State University and people will really see what we have to offer.”

Thompson said this was an experience he will never forget and for those watching, he said people will see a KSU Mighty Marching Thorobred band giving one of the most exciting performance you will ever watch.

You can watch here on WAVE on Sunday afternoon at 1 p.m.