Wayside Christian Mission serves hope, thoughtfulness on Thanksgiving

Christmas Day is the one of the busiest for Hotel Louisville Wayside Christian Mission feeds thousands of people who live inside of shelters
Published: Nov. 24, 2022 at 6:46 PM EST
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Holidays like Thanksgiving remind people of the important things in life, such as humanity and memories. Wayside Christian Mission, the largest homeless shelter in Louisville, is serving a dish of gratitude with a side of hope.

“To be in a homeless shelter in the holiday, it’s a pretty low point,” Wayside Christian Mission chief operating officer Nina Mosely said. “You aren’t surrounded by family. You aren’t feeling like you have anybody that cares about you. We want them to know that the community does care about them.”

Wayside served over 400 members of the homeless population on Thanksgiving Day. Mosely says that making the holiday special can be the start of change.

“We want them to know they have the worth of being a human being,” Mosely said. “People do respect them. They have dignity and are treated with love. From there, they will know people do care about them and they’ll go on want to do better.”

One volunteer shared part of his story with Wayside. Joe Huffman said the organization invested in him and hopes others donate their time.

“It feels like a gift from God for real,” Wayside Christian Mission volunteer Joe Huffman. “I let go of myself and help somebody.”

In the end, Wayside makes sure that every stomach is filled, and every heart is full.

“My favorite part of Thanksgiving is sharing love,” Wayside Christian Mission volunteer Riley Pitvorec said.